Virtual Peaky 2020

Welcome to Virtual Peaky 2020 - lockdown freeform writing in a time of COVID-19.


We’ll make announcements on via the mailing list and Facebook, so keep an eye on them.

Chilling with friends

We’ve set up a few Google Hangouts so that if you just feel like hanging out with friends you can meet and chat. There’s a 10 person limit to each hangout, so if it’s full just try another.

Here are the Peaky 2020 hangouts:

Draft agenda


6pm Open Peaky 2020 (Jitsi)
10pm check in


9am check in (Jitsi)
Noon check in
6pm check in
10pm check in


9am check in (Jitsi)
Noon check in
4pm check in

We may have games to play! (In which case Sunday’s times may vary - we’ll work that out on Sunday.)

We’re using Jitsi for the check-ins. If you're using it on a phone or a tablet, you may need an app.

It’s likely to be a bit unwieldy if we all try to speak, so we’ll have a chair. Please mute your mike unless you’re invited to speak.


We'll probably play some boardgames using boardgamearena. And when I say "probably" I mean "almost certainly"…

Writing Spaces

The Piggery

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