Small Town Folks

Macy, Nebraska, 1962 - a small town like any other. But when the hurricane approaches, twelve people are trapped in an underground bunker. As the storm rages overhead, tensions rise, secrets spill, and long-buried rivalries erupt. If they survive the tempest, the lives of these small-town folks will never be the same again…

Small Town Folks is available in pdf format (£10 via Paypal). You will receive a .zip file containing pdf copies of all the documents required to run the game in order to make it easier to send out individual documents to players.

Basic information

  • Number of players: 12 (4 female, 5 male and 3 gender-neutral)
  • Setting: A hurricane shelter in Nebraska in 1962
  • Time to run: 3 hours (including setup and debrief)
  • Space Requirements: Large-ish room
  • Authors: Tracy Bose, Rob Harris, Mo Holkar, Tony Mitton, Mike Snowden and Cat Tobin.

Cast list

Mark Mussler
Mark owns and runs the Jenner farm to the west of town.

Valerie Jenner-Mussler
Valerie helps her husband Mark on the Jenner farm, which was owned by her father and grandfather before her, but also runs Macy’s general (and only) store.

Dave Mussler
In his last year at Macy High, Dave (Mark and Valerie’s son) is star quarterback of the Macy Cowboys and so a young hero to many townsfolk. Rumor is he’s waiting to hear about a big football scholarship at University of Nebraska.

Ray Stephens
Ray does most of the town’s construction work, and also heads the volunteer fire department. But most importantly – at least for many – Ray coaches the Macy Cowboys; the High School’s successful football team. Ray’s wife Jackie tragically died four years ago of cancer.

Norma Stephens
Norma (Ray and Jackie’s daughter) is in her final year at Macy High. She’s the most popular girl in school, head cheerleader and widely expected to be the Prom Queen this year. She works weekends and some evenings at the “San Francisco” diner. Norma took over all the household duties five years ago when her mom fell ill.

Victor Willis
A widower, Mr Willis runs the town’s small Savings and Loan. Most folk deposit their money here, or borrow at generally reasonable rates.

Randy Willis
Randy Willis is Victor Willis’s only son. He graduated from Macy High two years ago and went off to college, apparently a model son. Now he’s back – dropped out of college, the rumor goes – and dressed all in black leather and driving a hot rod. He got back to town two days ago.

Helen Morrell
Miss Morrell is the Vice-Principal of Macy High and runs the small town library in her spare time. A spinster, she’s lived in Macy all her life except for a few years at college and teacher training school. She’s Pat’s older sister and takes what care she can of her younger sibling.

Pat Morrell
Pat Morrell was an army nurse in Korea ten years ago, and came back a different person. The story around town is that Pat saw terrible things there and has shellshock, so eccentric behavior tends to get overlooked. Pat lives in a shack up on Stanton’s Bluff just above the town, and is often taken care of by older sister Helen.

Doc Channing
Doctor Sam Channing has ministered to the Macy townsfolk for the past decade, arriving in the mid-1950s. Originally from Liberation, Channing spent years in Europe and even fought with the communist International Brigades against General Franco’s fascists.

Alicia Perrine-Edwards
Mrs Edwards has run the town’s small funeral parlor (once her father’s business) since she returned to town twenty years ago after her husband’s death. She lives on her dead husband’s wealth and doesn’t try to turn a profit on her business.

Alex Leatherman
Alex is a smart and studious kid who isn’t really popular at Macy High. Alex works part time at the family garage and gas station.

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