Second Watch

It is 2108 and the GKS LV-642 Acheron, a Levitt-class tug, is towing the sleeper colony ark Spero (containing 10,000 colonists) to New Eden. The Acheron is crewed by two watches, on a year-on year-off cycle, with two-week handover periods. Each watch is made up of eleven personnel. The journey will take 25 years and the colonists will remain in cryosleep for the entire journey…

Second Watch is a game of science fiction suspense and horror, and was written at Peaky 2017.

  • Number of players: 10
  • Time to run: 2.5 to 3 hours (including setup and debrief)
  • Space Requirements: One medium-sized room and one or two side rooms – enough for ten people to mingle, and space for some players to become split up.
  • Authors: James Bloodworth, Steve Hatherley, Alli Mawhinney, Ric Mawhinney, and Laura Wood.

First Watch

  • Captain Janek
  • Lt Gorman
  • Warrant Officer Deckard – navigator/pilot
  • Engineer Parker - engineer
  • Engineer Bishop – engineer and GKS replicant
  • Burke – GKS representative
  • Capa – astrophysicist and head scientist
  • Lowell – botanist
  • Kowalski – psychologist
  • Dr Corazon – medic
  • Keneda – biochemist

Second Watch

  • Captain Biehn
  • Lt Fishbourne
  • Warrant Officer Skerritt – navigator/pilot
  • Engineer Hauer - engineer
  • Engineer Henriksen – engineer and GKS replicant
  • Ford – GKS representative
  • Fassbender – astrophysicist and head scientist
  • Goldstein – botanist
  • Weaver – psychologist
  • Dr Paxton – medic
  • Kotto – biochemist

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