Past Peaky Writing Weekends

A short history

In 2001, 20-ish enthusiastic members of the uk-freeforms mailing list met over a weekend (Friday to Sunday) to write a freeform. Or more accurately, three freeforms.

The first time we met, it was a challenge to see if was actually possible to write playable freeforms in a weekend. And we surprised ourselves - the first was ready by Saturday evening. So we played that then - and still played the two on Sunday.

The first was so successful that the weekends are now an annual event. Peaky has spawned an American lovechild, Peaky Midwest who run their own freeform-writing weekends (even though they call them 'theatre-style live action roleplaying games').

April 2024, Appleby Magna

Peaky 2024 was held on the weekend of the 19th/21st April 2024

We had a full house of 32 people this year and wrote 6 games while Helen and Martin worked on their weekend-long game Gateways and Alison worked on the third installment of her Dulce et Decorum series.

  • Love Letters: The Silver Rush written by Ben Cole, Natalie Curd, Clare Gardner, Heidi Kaye, Elyssia McCormick and Richard Perry. The third episode of the Love Letters series, set in the American Old West. For 12 players.
  • Elevenses written by Kirstine Heald, Michele Minett, Ewan Munro, Malk Williams and Julie Winnard. When Dundee Bakewell does not return from travelling after a year and a day and is declared dead, the villagers gather over tea and cakes to divvy up their possessions. For 11 players.
  • Canals of Mars written by Steve Hatherley, Sue Lee, Tym Norris and Alli Mawhinney. An hour-long introductory freeform set on a steampunk Mars. For 8 players.
  • Full Circle written by Nickey Barnard, Nick Curd, Philippa Dall, Tony Mitton and Mike Snowden. A game set in a dystopian future inspired by Logans Run and Rollerball. For 12 players.
  • Hotel Requiem written by Malcolm Campbell, Emory Cunnington, Bethan Griffiths, Peter Jones and Elynor Kamil. You can check out, but can you ever leave? For 7 players.
  • Starship Theseus written by Adam Hayes, Michael Jones, Nyx Hollindrake and Christie S. A generational starship. For 10 players.

May 2023, Appleby Magna


Peaky 2023 was held on the weekend of the 5th/7th May 2023

Peaky Weekend coincided with the coronation of King Charles III, but that didn't stop us from writing and playing some great games. In addition, more work was done on Brest or Bust by Sue, Claire and Graham while Helen and Martin worked on their weekend-long game Gateways.

  • Across the City written by Adam Hayes, Peter Jones and Julie Winnard. A fantasy city heist-romp/ hybrid horde game for 8-12 players. The picture shows the city watch ready for action.
  • Restaurant at the End of the Dinosaurs written by Nickey Barnard, Philippa Dall, Kirstine Heald, Megan Jones, Ali Mawhinney and Richard Perry. Tourists travel back in time to view the last days of the dinosaurs before the asteroid hits the Earth. A game for 12 players.
  • That Difficult Second Album written by Theo Clarke, Steve Hatherley, Kevin Jacklin, Heidi Kaye, Tym Norris and Mike Snowden. A folk rock band have been recording the follow-up album to their well-received debut - but where is their drummer? A game for 8 players.
  • The Ashlight Labyrinth written by Ben Cole, Natalie Curd, Nick Curd, Michael Jones and Christi S. An 8-player character-driven last-ditch attempt to save a doomed land from an evil mage.

April 2023, Peaky Midwest #10

Peaky Midwest 2023 was a return to face-to-face events. Ten writers met up just outside of Chicago, Illinois to write and playtest three great new larps.

  • Demands of Passall written by Quinn D, Jest Pestlin, and Susan Schmidt. Demands of Passall is a larp about a group of Acolytes who follow the 5 Aspects of Passall. It follows the Acolytes’ journey through faith, doubt, and/or zealotry as their gods speak to and make demands of them. A game for 4 to 15 players and 1 or 2 GMs.
  • Dungeons, Dishes, and Dragons written by Brendan Adkins, Matthew Francois, Esa Sclafani, and Susan Weiner. A Secrets and Powers LARP set in a modern fantasy world in the kitchen of a high end restaurant. A game for 8 to 10 players and 2 GMs.
  • The Statue written by Iris Felshman, Jon Marcus, and Eva Schiffer. After a great sculptor dies, their heir and their protege both lay claim to a piece of their work. The players will play out the case in court, with two taking on the roles of claimants and the other three playing both jury and witness roles. A game for 5 players and 1 GM.

June 2022, Peaky Midwest #9

Peaky Midwest 2022 was a virtual event event that met over the internet, with the writing weekend being held in April and the playtest weekend in May. Sixteen writers split into four teams and created four great new larps.

  • Harry Potter Book Club Reunion written by Aer van de Water, Olivia Montoya, Laura Boylan. After a flopped reunion, you're stuck in the airport with your high school friends from the Harry Potter Book Club during a tropical storm. A game with 3 cis female characters, 2 afab nonbinary characters, 1 intersex female character, and 2 cis male characters. Requires 1 GM.
  • Henchpeople Unite! Local #1 written by David Cave, Elisa Ford, Kathleen Fuller, and Susan Schmidt. Supervillains make terrible bosses. One henchperson has a solution: unionize! A game for 3 to 6 players and 1 GM.
  • In the Fairy Woods written by Quinn D, Kathleen De Smet, Jon Marcus, and Eva Schiffer. A group of people are trapped in the fairy woods and the malicious fairies intend to have their fun. Cursed with different appearances and having forgotten their names, the characters stumble around different areas of the forest trying to find a way to escape together. A game for 8 players and 1 or more GMs.
  • News of the Apocalypse written by Keith Darron, Sarah Judd, Matthew McNally, Jest Pestlin, and Gaylord Tang. A virtual game for 6 players and 1 or 2 GMs about programming and broadcasting news shows from a St. Louis, Missouri newsroom during a mounting, world-ending crisis. Inspired by chthonic/eldritch horror.

April 2022, Appleby Magna

Peaky 2022 was held on the weekend of the 22nd/24th April 2022

Another small but lovely live Peaky Weekend.

  • The Tower of the Moon written by Nickey Barnard, Alex Helm, Alex Jones, Lucinda and Rich Perry. Set in Minas Ithil on the edge of Mordor; a game of corruption and heists (originally pitched as "Thorin's 11") for 12 players.
  • Smoke and Mirrors written by Natalie Curd, Philippa Dall, Heidi Kaye, Alli Mawhinney and Mike Snowden. The negotiations for the Treaty of Versailles are not like what's in the history books. A game for 12 players.
  • Deimos Down written by Nick Curd, Steve Hatherley, Martin Jones, Michael Jones and Tony Mitton. A crashing spaceship in an Expanse-type future for 12 players.
  • Brest or Bust written by Graham Arnold, Clare Gardner and Sue Lee. Magnificent people in their flying machines race across the Channel; for 20+ players.

October 2021, Appleby Magna

October Peaky 2021 was held on the weekend of the 1st/3rd October 2021

After an 18 month break, we held a live Peaky Weekend again. It was a smaller than usual gathering, but it was fabulous to get back together to write and play games and socialise. Two new games were written and playtested along with "Culture Crash" and three bigger games were started.

  • The Castleford Ladies Magic Circle Meets Tonight written by Philippa Dall, Steve Hatherley, Kevin Jacklin, Sue Lee and Christi S. A horde game for around 13-15 players, based on the collective works of Jake Thackray.
  • The Coolham Caper written by Roger Gammans, Helen Jones, Charlie Paull, Rich Perry and Julie Winnard. A light-hearted game of misunderstanding and misappropriation, gangsters and garden produce for 9 players.
  • The Shining Ones (provisional title) written by Graham Arnold, Adam Hayes, Heidi Kaye, Alli Mawhinney and Tony Mitton. The transition of power between the Summer and Winter Courts of the Fae; a game for at least 30 players for probably 6-8 hours if not a weekend.
  • Casino Royale written by Ben Cole, Natalie Curd, Nick Curd, Clare Gardner and Mike Snowden. Spies, glamour, gambling for 30ish players.
  • Your Money or Your Life written by Nickey Barnard and Elyssia Keeryn. A game set in Restoration Britain for 25-30 players.

June 2021, Peaky Midwest #8

Peaky Midwest 2021 was a virtual event, held in May over the internet. Sixteen writers split into five teams and produced five awesome new larps.

  • [CITATION NEEDED: A Game of Wikipedian Archaeology] written by Benjamin Aldred, Joanna Tova Price, and Gaylord Tang. Players create characters who are archaeologists of the far future, working through their personal conflicts to collaborate on an abstract for a paper for a conference about the distant, near-mythological past - our present time. A replayable, GM-less game for 3 to 6 players.

This game is available for free.

  • Mirror Mirror written by Megan Coppock, Quinn D, and Eva Schiffer. In a reimagining of Snow White, players take on the roles of evil Queen Delara and her scrying Mirror. This is an emotional journey about processing grief through a beloved story, with many opportunities for the characters to explore parts that are normally not considered in detail in most retellings. A game for 2 players willing to play female characters and 1 GM.

This game is available for free.

  • The Passion of Joan written by Kathleen De Smet, Aer van de Water, Sarah Judd, and Josh Krehbiel. Joan of Arc connects with the voices in her head—St. Margaret, St. Catherine, and Archangel Michael—when she is at a low point after her interrogation and confession under duress. They guide her through her doubt by reliving their lifetime of intense (non-romantic) love for her. A game for 4 players and 1 GM.
  • Prisoners of Memory written by Elisa Ford, Olivia Montoya, and Azalea Weisblat. Prisoners of Memory is a game about the price of immortality, and making difficult decisions with limited information. Characters will question everything about their lives as they regain access to forgotten memories. A game for 6 players and 1 GM.
  • Quest for Knowledge written by Aslanta Chen, Jenny Diewald, and Jon Marcus. An expedition to explore a spacecraft from outside the solar system. A game for 7 players and 1 GM.

April 2021, Virtual Peaky

Virtual Spring Peaky 2021 was held on the weekend of the 23rd/25th April 2021

With yet another lockdown in the first half of the year, we ran another Peaky Weekend in cyberspace. Most folks focused on board gaming and chatting online, but one group wrote a game, intended to be playable either live or online, as we are hoping to get back to live gaming again soon.

  • Culture Crash written by Jeff Diewald, Roger Gammans, Heidi Kaye, Rich Perry and Julie Winnard. First contact between two non-humanoid alien species with their own distinctive cultures; a game for 12 players to be played live or online.

April 2020, Virtual Peaky

Virtual Peaky 2020 was held on the weekend of the 24th/26th April 2020

The COVID-19 lockdown meant we couldn't meet in person as usual, but that didn't stop us holding Peaky Weekend in cyberspace. One advantage of not having to be physically present was that we were able to have two participants from abroad - one in Chicago and another in Australia! This year, 15 intrepid freeformers got together to work on four games, some intended to be played online and others aiming at making a start on larger and longer games.

  • Soooocks in Spaaaace! written by Heidi Kaye, Tony Mitton, Chris Robinson and Graham Walmsley. Heroic sock puppets save the universe; a game for 8 players to be played online.
  • Bridgewater Blizzard written by Roger Gammans, Steve Hatherley, Sue Lee and Julie Winnard. An online game.
  • Capo di Capi written by Megan Koppack, Rich Perry and Adrian Smith.
  • Your Money or Your Life written by Nickey Barnard, Ben Cole, Clare Gardner, Christi S and AJ Smith. A lighthearted game of Highway Robbery and associated hijinks on the Devon Coast set in 1706. For 28 players.

June 2019, Peaky Midwest #7

Peaky Midwest 2019 was held in mid June at a private home in Madison, Wisconsin. Nine writers split into three teams and produced three great new games.

  • An Ensemble Cast Mystery: Death at Bancroft Manor written by Kathleen De Smet, Tasha Robinson, and Eva Schiffer. A detective and their companion investigate a 1920s country estate mystery, while an ensemble cast plays all other significant roles to lay out the clues of the story. A game for 6 players and 1 GM.
  • Fire Brings Change written by Quinn D, Jon Marcus, and Steve Vig. A team of firefighters gets trapped while fighting a wildfire in California. During a brief respite, they struggle to come to terms with themselves, and the ways that they are changing. A game for 6 to 10 players and 1 GM.
  • Six Criminals and a Funeral written by Dave Cave, Alan De Smet, and Jaime Frey. The story of a crime going wrong, told backward. A game for 6 players and 1 GM.

April 2019, Appleby Magna


Peaky 2019 was held on the weekend of the 26th/28th April 2019

  • Tea at Longbourn written by Philippa Dall, Steve Hatherley, Heidi Kaye, Tony Mitton and AJ Smith; Pride and Prejudice with a few twists of mayhem, for 12 players.
  • A Dream is Just a Dream written by Graham Arnold, Martin Jones and Sue Lee, Film noir dream therapy, for 4 players.
  • Awakening written by Malcolm Campbell, Natalie Curd, Nick Curd, Megan Jones and Alli Mawhinney; Angst aboard a vast colony spaceship; for 12 players.
  • The Circus of Shadows and Wonders written by Nickey Barnard, Clare Gardner, Adam Hayes, Abi Kirby, Charlie Paull and Rich Perry; for 12 players.
  • Imaginary Friends written by Ben Coles, Helen Garvey, Kris Alice Hohls, Tym Norris and Julie Winnard; for 12 players.
  • Berlin Station written by Theo Clarke, Kevin Jacklin, CJ Romer, Mike Snowden, David Townsend; Spies in 1961, for 10 players.

April 2018, Appleby Magna

Peaky 2018 was held on the weekend of the 20th/22th April 2018

  • Winning the Peace written by Ben Allen, Kevin Jacklin, Heidi Kaye, Michele Minett and Alison Rider Hill; returning from a hospital on the French front lines after WWI, for 10 players.
  • Bad Science written by Michaela Aschen, Michael Allen Bryant, Buster Jangles, Tym Norris, Petter Olsen and Traci Whitehead; for 12 players.
  • Love Letters: The Crusades written by Graham Arnold, Steve Hatherley, Elyssia Keeryn and Richard Perry for 10 players.
  • Barbie and Ken Tee Off written by Simon Clark, Fiona Lloyd, Alli Mawhinney and Lynn Oddy; a horde game set at the gala opening of a golf club.
  • The Borden Legacy written by Nickey Barnard, Philippa Dall, Dave Dorward and Clare Gardner; a game of intrigue, family drama and mystery set in a world where the Elder Gods have already won, for 11 players.
  • The U-Geneva Convention written by Ben Cole, Natalie Curd, Nick Curd, Helen Garvey and Helen Jones; a post-WW2 conference in a near-alternative history with genetically-enhanced people, for 12 players.

April 2018, Peaky Midwest #6

Our sixth workshop, Peaky Midwest 2018 was held in late April at Castle Whately, just outside of Chicago, Illinois. Twenty nine writers split into six teams to produce six great new games.

  • 2nd Annual Mad Science Awards written by Brandon Brylawski, John Kammer, Jess Pestlin, Laurie Rich, Hakan Seyalioglu, and Susan Weiner. A lighthearted game about mad science, egos, and identity swapping. A game for 8 to 10 players and 2 GMs.
  • Earth and Other Impermanent Things written by Vivien Grimm, Korey J. Enright, Stephanie Slattery, J Hyde, and Jess Leigh Unrein. In a forgotten future, humanity’s last hope is the machines they have sent down to re-terraform a desolated Earth. Orbiting survivors and Earth bound machines remotely communicate from two separate out of character locations. A game for 7 to 12 players and 2 to 3 GMs.
  • Framework written by Katie Giacomini, Jenn Martin, Adrienne Kammer, Max Saltonstall, and Clint Koglin. Paintings come to life for one night of the year to stretch their legs and solve their problems. Players play patrons at a gala and manifestations of artwork. A game for 8 to 10 players and 2 GMs.
  • Rehearshal, Replay written by Adira Slattery, Dave Cave, Eva Schiffer, and Jon Marcus. The first theater with all artificial actors is in rehearsals the night before opening. The director has left the AI puppets to run automatic rehearsals, but surely the puppets won't begin to pull their own strings. A game for 6 players and 2 GMs.
  • Romantic Entanglements written by Quinn D, Lillie Franks, E. Chris Garrison, and Tara Zuber. According to the Company, Alice and Jill are soulmates. The only problem is…the relationship failed. To correct this error, the Company has brought them together to meet alternate versions of themselves and find their true soul mate among the variations. A game with 8 female characters to be run by 2 GMs.
  • Who Killed High Hat? written by Diana Glewwe, Steve Vig, James Silverstein, Gaylord Tang, and Brendan Adkins. Who Killed High Hat? is a darkly humorous game about horrible people possibly losing everything and probably learning nothing. A game for 8 to 9 players and 1 to 2 GMs.

April 2017, Appleby Magna

Peaky 2017 was held on the weekend of the 21th/23th April 2017 - another very big year, with 33 writers

  • It's Everybody's War written by Michaela Aschan, Natalie Curd, Kevin Jacklin, Heidi Kaye, Sue Lee and Alison Rider Hill; making a wartime propaganda film in a 1940s Leicestershire village, for 16 players.
  • Luck Be A Lady (working title) written by Theo Clarke, Buster Jangles, Karim Kronfli, Tym Norris, and Traci Whitehead; 1950s Las Vegas, "Come for the show, stay for the mushroom cloud", for 12 players.
  • Second Watch written by James Bloodworth, Steve Hatherley, Alli Mawhinney, Ric Mawhinney and Laura Wood. Suspense in the far future aboard a space tug, for 10 players.
  • The Root of All Evil written by Graham Arnold, Nick Hollingsworth, Elyssia Keeryn, Lynn Oddy and Petter Olsen, Pressures of money and blood, for 12 players.
  • The Apocalypse Agenda written by Emory Cunnington, Anne De Vries, Max De Vries, Martin Jones and Tony Mitton, Torchwood meets Laundry Files meets Warehouse 13, for 12 players.
  • Mean Street written by Nickey Barnard, Nick Curd, Philippa Dall, Clare Gardner, Megan Jones, Max Powell. Inspired by Dollhouse and set in the future. Come and play in the mean streets of 1920s New York. For 12 players.

March 2017, Peaky Midwest #5

This was the fifth Peaky Midwest, held just outside Chicago, Illinois. Twenty four writers gathered in Castle Whately and split into five teams to produce five new games.

  • Dungeon Owners Association written by Elisa Ford, Doug Freedman, Robert Peck, Jess Pestlin, Morgan Rippke, and Skylar Rippke; Fantasy monsters attend their home's Dungeon Owners Association meeting. Requires 10 players.
  • Fools Rush In written by Katie Giacomini, Diana Glewwe, Clint Koglin, Jim Silverstein, and Adira Slattery; The last dance for American soldiers heading off to war in the Pacific Theater in 1945. Includes 4 to 9 female characters, 5 to 14 male players, and 1 to 11 neutral characters.
  • Midnight on the Rashomon Express written by Korey Enright, Philip Kelley, Stephanie Slattery, and Tara Zuber; Passengers on a train travel through memories of the same events in six different tropes in the hope of discovering what really happened. Requires 6 players.
  • Peace, Land, and Bread! written by Kathleen De Smet, Lillie Franks, Jon Marcus, Eva Schiffer, and Steve Vig; An upstairs/downstairs game set in Ireland in 1917 with themes of privilege, food, and revolution. Cast includes 2 male characters, 2 female characters, and 2 neutral characters.
  • QUILTBAG written by Frank Beres, Quinn D, E. Chris Garrison, and Susan Weiner. Students attend their University's "Queer Life support" therapy group. Requires 8 players.

April 2016, Chicago, Illinois Peaky Midwest - the fourth international Peaky

  • The Beacon written by Diana Glewwe, Clint Koglin, Robert Peck, and Tara Zuber; A starship crew responds to a distress beacon. Requires 6 players of any gender.
  • Grandma's Resting Place written by Quinn D., Kathleen De Smet, Katie Giacomini, Eva Schiffer, and Gaylord Tang; A story of remembrance in the immediate wake of a beloved Grandmother's death. Requires 1 female player and 5 players of any gender.
  • The Night of Chekov's Gun written by Marc B., Amanda Brown, Doug Freedman, Gail Freedman, and Mark Slattery; Real historical figures meet the Wild Wild West in a star studded train ride. Requires 6 female and 6 male players.
  • Play Date written by Stephanie Marx, Drew Novick, Mags Simkins, and Susan Weiner. A group of children and their imaginary friends get together for a play date: A game about how children deal with difficult issues. Requires 10 players of any gender.
  • A Retreat to Remember written by Jaime Frey, Lelah Frey, and Philip Kelley. A boat with 7 passengers arrives at a mysterious island with no memory of why they're there or even who they are. Requires 7 players of any gender.

April 2016, Appleby Magna

Peaky 2016 was held on the weekend of the 22th/24th April 2015

  • Ex Nihilo written by Theo Clarke, Steve Hatherley, Tony Mitton, Tym Norris, and Karolina Soltys
  • Miss Maypole and the Case of the Wretched Admiral written by Graham Arnold, Nickey Barnard, Natalie Curd, Clare Gardner, Abi Kirby, Sue Lee
  • The Scottish Murder written by Simon Clark, Nick Curd, Elyssia Kerryn, Charlie Paull, Janet Young
  • Trenches written by Ben Allen, Alli Mawhinney, Ric Mawhinney, Rich Perry
  • Bombshells at the Crooked Billet written by Graham Charles, Alison Rider Hill, Heather Law, Michele Minnett, Daniel Taylor
  • And more work was done on Romanes Eunt Domus - Romans Go Home! by Philippa Dall, Helen Jones, and Heidi Kaye. I, Claudius in Britain for 38 players.

May 2015, Chicago, Illinois Peaky Midwest - the third international Peaky

  • Goldilocks, Frocks and Two Stinking Barrels written by Marc B., Suey, Anita Szostak, and Jim Silverstein; Guy Ritchie meets fairy tales. 14 players.
  • Spring Thaw written by Alan De Smet, Gail Freedman, Philip Kelley, Jill Krynicki Dutcher, Drew Novick, and Eva Schiffer; A small town in Utah greets the first train after a hard winter. 11 players.
  • The Vindicators: Survived by… written by Dave Cave, Jon Cole, Keith Darron, and Tara Zuber; The mundane children of superheroes cope with the fallout from their parents’ deaths. 10 players.
  • Emotional Baggage written by Quinn D., Steve Vig, and Susan Weiner. High emotion hostage situation on a commercial airline. 7 players.

April 2015, Appleby Magna

Peaky 2015 was held on the weekend of the 24th/26th April 2015

  • The Saga of the Lost written by Nick Curd, Alex Jones, Alli Mawhinney, Tony Mitton, Mike Snowden and Traci Whitehead. A Viking freeform for 12 players.
  • Burning Orchid written by Ben Allen, Nickey Barnard, Martin Jones, Heidi Kaye and Alison Rider Hill. Steaming passion in the jungle at the wrap party for a 1932 Hollywood movie, for 10 players.
  • Love Letters written by Natalie Curd, Roger Gammans, Elyssia Keeryn and Rich Perry. Romance in WW2 Britain for 10 players.
  • Mars Attracts written by Graham Arnold, Kath Banks, Graham Charles, Steve Hatherley and Mo Holkar.
  • The Annual Assizes at Anchori'is written by Su Jolly, Heather Law, Michele Minnett, Tym Norris and Daniel Taylor.
  • Yes, I see Wonderful Things written by Phillipa Dall, Jerry Elsmore, Sue Lee, Anthony Winter, Jane Winter. An evening reception, where the main topic of conversation is where Tutankhamun’s exhibition will rest for the 50th anniversary of the opening of the tomb. (unfinished)

July 2014, Madison, Wisconsin Peaky Midwest - the second international Peaky

  • Better Living Through Robotics written by Elizabeth Fein, Eva Schiffer, Jaime Frey, Kathleen De Smet and Keith A Darron. A 1950s retrofuture take on a post-apocalyptic world with subservient robots for 10 players.
  • H.P. Wodehouse (working title) written by Aaron Pavao, Alan De Smet, Dave Cave, Paul Hinic and Seth Mulhall. The world of PG Wodehouse meets HP Lovecraft; a comic romp at a golf tournament for 14 players.
  • Critical Path written by Amanda Brown, Brandon Brylawski, Doug Freedman, James Silverstein and Jill Krynicki Dutcher for 9 players.
  • Two Hours To Curtain (working title) written by Anita Szostak, Gail Freedman, Quinn D, Sarah Porter and Steve Vig for 10 players.

April 2014, Appleby Magna

Peaky 2014 was held on the weekend of the 25th/27th April 2014

  • Romanes Eunt Domus - Romans Go Home! written by Philippa Dall, Helen Jones, Heidi Kaye, Heather Law and Daniel Taylor. I, Claudius in Britain for 38 players.
  • The Truth - And Nothing But the Truth written by Jerry Elsmore and Steve Hatherley. For 30 players.
  • 4 written by Graham Charles, Nick Curd, Natalie Curd, Tony Mitton. For 8 players.
  • Preserving the Village written by Graham Arnold, Andrea Civiera, Mo Holkar, Sue Lee, Michele Minett and Alison Rider-Hill. A character-driven freeform for 32 players.
  • The Dying of the Light written by Nickey Barnard, Richard Evans, Rachael Hodson, Alli Mawhinney, Tym Norris and Mike Snowden. Set a hundred years in the future when corporations have taken over from governments, resources are becoming scarce and environmental disasters are rife. How will we save the world? A cyberpunk game for 24 players.
  • Waking Up Patients who have just emerged from cryogenic freezing. Written by Jenny Dunn, Andy Hawkins, Elyssia McCormick, Rich Perry and CJ Romer. For 10 players.

This year, we had another large turnout, including lots of people new to Peaky. Two groups embarked on writing larger traditional-styled freeforms by using the weekend to get started, without intending to run them on Sunday, and then continue working on them after Peaky Weekend. We also had two groups working on more experimental larger games - one developing methods to enable players to help create their own characters and plots for a large game and the other creating a large but short and lighter game suited for people who've never played freeforms before. Finally, we had two groups writing and running smaller games. It was a fabulous, varied and very creative weekend!

What a Peaky Weekend Looks Like: Steve's notes on 2014.

April 2013, Appleby Magna


May 2012, Madison, Wisconsin Peaky Midwest - Peaky goes International!!

This was the first event outside the UK, held in Madison Wisconsin. 3 groups formulated in Mag's house, and 3 games were created. It was agreed that this was definitely Peaky Midwest #1 and we look forwards to many more.

  • IRL written by Alan De Smet, Gail Freedman, Aaron Pavao, Sarah Pavao, Jim Silverstein, Cyberpunk Preapocalyptic for 8-9 Players
  • A Turn on the Radiance Rose written by Steve Vig, Eva Schiffer, Kristen Pierson, Sue Lee, Doug Freedman 1920s seance in a train car, for 10 players.
  • Larpers Anonymous written by Drew Novick, Margaret Simkins, Dave Cave, Mike Reed for 10 players. Slot zero at a LARP convention

April 2012, Appleby Magna

  • Hope Springs Eternal written by Nickey Barnard, Sue Jolly, Helen Jones, Tym Norris and Traci Whitehead for 9 players. The 1952 Christmas Party at Hope Brothers department store.
  • The Order written by Kath Banks, Roger Gammans, Heidi Kaye, Sue Lee, Alison Rider-Hill and Mark Steadman. A 1930s Pulp game for 12 players.
  • Small Town Folks written by Tracey Bose, Rob Harris, Mo Holkar, Tony Mitton, Mike Snowden and Cat Tobin for 12 players.
  • Sword Day by Mike Cule, Nick Curd, Adrienne Gammons, John Kammer and Charlie Paull for 10 players.
  • Trick or Treat written by Graham Arnold, Philippa Dall, Steve Hatherley and Clare Gardner. A Halloween party for 23 players aged 8 and up.

May 2011, Appleby Magna

  • Once Upon a Lily Pad written by Adrienne Gammons, John Kammar, Heidi Kaye, and Traci Whitehead. Fairy tale fun in the land of the Frog King. For 11 players.
  • Pirate Party written by Philippa Dall, Jerry Elsmore, Steve Hatherley, Tony Mitton. You're invited to a children's pirate birthday party. For 22 players. Bring your own cake and jelly.
  • Come Hel or Hiawatha written by Nickey Barnard, Tym Norris, Mike Snowden and Janet Young. Native Americans and Vikings. For 12 players.
  • The Accused written by Graham Arnold, Tracy Bose, Mo Holkar, Sue Lee and Cat Tobin. For 10 players.
  • The Deliverance written by Clare Gardiner, Martin Jones, Richard Perry and Ali Mawhinny. For 9 players.
  • One Night in Devon written by Roger Gammans, Su Jolly, Mike Grace and Mark Steedman. For 9 players.

May 2010, Appleby Magna

The largest attendance at Peaky to date (33 people) and we had to split the games into two different streams. Steve has posted some thoughts here.

March 2009, Appleby Magna

  • The Marshenge Project written by Jenny Anderson, Kath Banks, Philippa Dall, Martin Ellis, Rachel England, Roger Gammans, Hanbury Hampden Turner, Steve Hatherley, Su Jolly, Heidi Kaye, Tony Mitton and Janet Young. A government conference at a Norfolk country house during World War Two for 22 players.
  • Veterans Day written by Clare Gardiner, Mike Grace, Alex Helm, Martin Jones, Adrian Smith and Mike Snowden. A futuristic superheroes game.
  • Victoria Junction All Change Please!! written by Nickey Barnard, Jerry Elsmore, Alex Jones, Sue Lee, Tym Norris and Mark Steedman. A "horde" game set in a Victorian railway station and hotel

April 2008, Appleby Magna

  • Squaring the Circle written by Graham Arnold, Jon Freeman, Steve Hatherley, Tym Norris, Alex Helm, Karen Banfield and Su Jolly. Dark goings on in Dartmoor for 17 players.
  • For Your Spies Only written by Helen Jones, Nickey Barnard, Mike Grace, Mark Booth, and Christi S.
  • Hotel Apollo Sigma written by Philippa Dall, Heidi Kaye, Michele Minett, Roger Gammans and Mark Steedman.

At the same Sue, Tony, Janet, Mike & Jerry started work on "How to Write and Run a Weekend Freeform" - a work in progress.

June 2007, Appleby Magna

  • Starboard Home written by Steve Hatherley, Heidi Kaye, Tony Mitton and Donald Oddy. An experimental game set on the SS Star of Bengal in 1926, just leaving India. For 11 players.
  • Best of the Wurst written by Nickey Barnard, Martin Jones, Mike Snowden and Julie Winnard. Inspired by Allo Allo - for 9 players.
  • Diamond Geezers written by Graham Arnold, Clare Gardiner, Sue Lee and Tym Norris. British gangsters - a sort of cross between The Italian Job and Reservoir Dogs.

February 2006, Appleby Magna

  • Under Pressure written by Graham and others. Strange goings-on deep under the ocean.
  • Daze of Empire written by Helen, Tony and others. The British civil service rules the world!
  • Romance and Respectability written by Sue, Nickey, Steve, Donald, Phillippa and Julie. The side of Railways and Responsibility that we didn't get to write in 2004.

January 2005, Granary Court, Ashbourne, Derbyshire

  • The Village written by Tony, Graham and others. Horror.
  • An Ecumenical Matter written by Nickey Barnard, Matt Bull, Philippa Dall, Mike Grace and Steve Hatherley. Irish priests and nuns - what could go wrong?
  • Hearts and Minds written by ??? Newspaper barons in a midlands town.

January 2004, Appleby Magna

November 2002, Edale

  • The Ticking Dog written by Sue, Mik, Chris, Nickey, Phillippal, Mark, Steve and Hanbury. Time-travel game set in Lancashire.
  • Murder on the Transylvanian Express written by Tony, Donald, Jerry (and others). Does what it says on the tin.
  • SS Telford written by Mike, Dream, Mike and others. Genetic engineering aboard a luxury yacht.

November 2001, Edale

  • The Rosie Lee written by Phillipa, Sue, Tym, AJ, Brian, Hanbury and Mike. Mysterious goings on aboard a tea clipper becalmed in the Indian Ocean.
  • Carry on at Camp David written by Liz, Janet, Russell, Steve, Donald and Mike. 1960s paranoia, diplomacy and presidential nonsense at Camp David.
  • The Whitest Link written by Graham, Nickey, Chris, Dennis, Jerry, Nathan and Gareth. Set in Hell, the freeform of sins and broken comandments - and soul trading.
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