Monster Mash

In the haunted county of Hallowshire, gangs of monsters are competing to see who can become the best monster gang – and the gang with the most gold wins!

Monster Mash is a themed party game for 6 to 24 kids of all ages – but particularly suited to ages 8 and up. It was written by Peaky Games and is published by Freeform Games.

How does Monster Mash work?

Monster Mash has been written for 6 to 24 kids aged eight and up. (You can play with younger monsters – but they will probably need some adult help. You can also play with older monsters – they'll probably have as much fun as the younger ones.)

All the monsters are organised into gangs, and they must cooperate together to create potions and win the contests. The gang with the most treats wins!

The step-by-step instructions explain how to tailor Monster Mash to suit the number of monsters coming to your party.

Monster Mash lasts for about an hour and is ideal as part of a larger party – such as a birthday party. Two or three adults are needed to run the party, and one person will need to prepare everything beforehand.

Click here to buy Monster Mash from the Freeform Games website.


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