Miss Maypole And The Christmas Pudding Affair

It's December 24th 1933 and tonight is the traditional Christmas Eve party which has been hosted by the Asquith-Jones family of Cerne Abbas, Dorset for at least three generations. It’s a vitally important event for the family as it is the one occasion every year that the Asquith-Jones use to demonstrate how much taste, sophistication and most importantly money they have in comparison to the St John-Smythe family. Plus they get to show the St John-Smythe family how to throw a party before the St John-Smythe's New Year's Eve party.

So far everything hasn’t proceeded exactly as planned. The radio forecast predicted heavy snow and so everyone arrived a day early and had to stay overnight, instead of arriving today. It has thrown Cook into a complete whirl. The heavy snow fell as predicted overnight and it now appears that everyone will need to stay for Christmas as well and this news has thrown the rest of the staff into chaos.

Worse than this however is the fact that Theodore St John-Smythe the head of the family had the audacity to be found dead this -morning. It’s all very inconvenient.

Ho Ho Ho - Remember tis the season to be jolly ……………………..

Join the Asquith-Jones, the St John-Smythes and their friends for Christmas Eve and ensure this is a party that will go down in history.

Miss Maypole and the Christmas Pudding Affair is a mostly light-hearted game for 14 players, vaguely inspired by authors such Agatha Christie and Dorothy L Sayers, and a lot of Sunday night detective programmes on the television.

Basic information

Number of players: 14 (7 female, 7 male)
Setting: A Christmas Eve party at an English country house in 1933
Time to run: 3 hours (including setup and debrief)
Space Requirements: Large room with a couple of side rooms or areas separated off somewhat
Authors: Graham Arnold, Nickey Barnard, Dream Cloutman-Green, Jon Cloutman-Green, Clare Gardner and Sue Lee, with additional development by Heidi Kaye and Sue Lee.


The Asquith-Jones Family

  • Bertram (Bertie) Asquith-Jones - head of the family
  • Wisteria Asquith-Jones - his wife
  • Frederick (Freddy) Asquith-Jones - their son

The St John-Smythe family

  • Lobelia St John-Smythe - widow of the recently deceased Theodore St John-Smythe
  • Theodore (Teddy) St John-Smythe - their son
  • Amelia St John-Smythe - their daughter
  • Edward (Eddie) St John-Smythe - brother of Theodore


  • Violet Ravenstone - fiancée of Freddy Asquith-JOnes
  • George Armitage - friend of the family
  • Reverend Reginald (Reggie) Marchwood - local vicar
  • Dr Archibald (Archie) Jenkins - local doctor
  • Miss Maria Maypole - headmistress of the local school
  • Daisy Barton-Wychwood - one of the twin granddaughters of the late local vicar
  • Lily Barton-Wychwood - the other twin

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