Carry On At Camp David

Carry on at Camp David is set at Camp David, the US President’s official rural retreat. President David Nixody has broken off trade negotiations to hold a reception in honour of astronaut Buzz Leapyear who is to be presented with the Congressional Medal of Honor. It is a relaxed, informal occasion, and the speeches are expected to be kept short…

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Basic information

  • Number of players: 18 (5 female, 11 male, 2 gender-neutral)
  • Setting: Camp David in 1962
  • Time to run: 3-4 hours (including setup and debrief)
  • Space Requirements: Large-ish room
  • Authors: Russell Harris, Steve Hatherley, Liz Jones, Donald Oddy, Mike Snowden and Janet Young. Development and additional characters by Sue Lee.



  • David F. Nixody – President of the United States of America
  • Nancy Nixody – First Lady of the United States of America

Foreign dignitaries

  • Lady Sandra Henderson-Smythe – British Ambassador
  • Del Castrol – Cuban Emissary
  • Mynsa Smirnoff – Russian Ambassador
  • Olga Korsitsov – Personal assistant to Mynsa Smirnoff
  • Sheik Ratlanrol – Saudi Arabian diplomat
  • Nadia Potemkin – First woman in space

American guests

  • Don Partridge – Vice President of the United States of America
  • Buzz Leapyear – the first American in space
  • Elvis Priestly – entertainer
  • Wolf Muldie – State Dept scientific advisor
  • Guri Yellar – Celebrity mystic

White House staff

  • Norman Rabid – Chief of Staff
  • Barbara Goldwater – an intern
  • Clint Ford – Secret Service Bodyguard


  • Sam Cronkite – reporter for The Washington Post
  • Les Paxman – reporter for The New York Times

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