Book A Place At Peaky Weekend

Booking for Peaky Weekend 2025, which will be the weekend of 18-20 April, is not yet open. Booking will end 31 January 2025 .

If you're interested in coming to a future Peaky Weekend, the usual expected costs (depending on the number attending) are:

  • Twin/Double £160 approximately
  • Quad £120 approximately(if available)
  • Single £260 approximately (if available)

all of these are per person and include food.

To book a place at Peaky Weekend, you must send a £50 non-refundable deposit and fill in a Google form here to tell us you are booking.

You can pay either:

  1. £50 direct to the Peaky bank account - please contact us directly at info "at" Peakygames "dot" org "dot" uk and we'll send you the details.
  2. £50 by cheque payable to “Peaky Games” - please contact us directly and we'll send you an address to which to post a cheque.

If you would like to pay via Paypal please get in touch as they are being challenging at the moment

  1. £51.90 via PayPal – pay the Peaky Paypal account info "at" Peakygames "dot" org "dot" uk. The cost to the Peaky Games account is 20p plus 3.4% of every transaction, so this ensures that we end up with £50 in the Peaky account!!

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