Best Of The Wurst

1942: Occupied France

In Castle Quimper Hotel, overlooking the sleepy town of Quimper, a very important event is being planned. To demonstrate that German/Franco relations are, in fact, excellent, Colonel Kronenburg has organised a sausage tasting competition - the best German wurst against sausages from across Europe! Is there any doubt who will win? There are even rumours of a visiting Very Important Person.

But in a hotel famed for its painting of St Francis of Assisi with the Large Boobies and the Great Tits (it's a nature scene), the locals may have other ideas…

Best of the Wurst is a very silly game for 9 players, set in a France not a million miles away from 'Allo 'Allo!

Basic information

  • Number of players: 9 (4 female, 4 male and 1 gender-neutral)
  • Setting: The Castle Quimper Hotel in Occupied France in 1942
  • Time to run: 3 hours (including setup and debrief)
  • Space Requirements: Large-ish room (side rooms are also useful)
  • Authors: Nickey Barnard, Martin Jones, Mike Snowden, Julie Winnard, with additional development by Steve Hatherley and Heidi Kaye.


Quimper residents

  • Yvonne Brun – The Castle Quimper Hotel’s hard-working maid
  • Pierre Evian – owner of the Castle Quimper Hotel and habitual beret wearer
  • Estelle Evian – organises and runs the Castle Quimper Hotel, the scene of tonight’s special wurst tasting
  • Mayor Albert Renard – Owner of Quimper’s charcuterie; the German Occupying forces have made Renard Mayor of Quimper

Visitors (including occupying forces)

  • Herr Colonel Klaus Kronenburg – senior German officer, known to enjoy the finer things in life, such as French food and wine and, of course, wurst
  • Fraulein Lieutenant Gerda Bloch – German ex-Gestapo ice-maiden
  • Constance Marchant – the Countess of Brest, here in Quimper to judge the sausage tasting competition
  • Giles Rupert – sausage maker from Brest
  • Viktor Lazlo – a Rumanian Wurst-Meister

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