An Ecumenical Matter

An Ecumenical Matter is set in the diocese of Peaky-in-the-Sea, following the tragic death of Father Francis. As Father Francis was going to be promoted to the position of Bishop of the Diocese of Peaky-in-the-Sea (Rocky Island, Stony Island and Pebbly Island), this now leaves the position open…

Go on, go on, go on, go on … and satisfy your inner nun (or priest) is this not-very-reverent freeform.

An Ecumenical Matter is a freeform for 15 players. By the way, this game could be quite offensive to the very religious! It contains comedy priests, comedy nuns, comedy satanists and comedy alcohol!

An Ecumenical Matter is available in pdf format (£10 via Paypal) or paperback book format (£10 + postage from

Basic information

  • Number of players: 15 (5 female, 10 male - although cross-dressing never seems to hurt this game at all!)
  • Setting: Peaky-in-the-Sea
  • Time to run: 3 hours (including setup and debrief)
  • Space Requirements: Large-ish room
  • Authors: Nickey Barnard, Matt Bull, Philippa Dall, Mike Grace and Steve Hatherley.


Rocky Island – Parish of St Cuthbert

  • Father Eamon – the elderly priest
  • Father Barry – the good looking priest
  • Father Kieran – the trendy priest
  • Mrs O’Malley – housekeeper and cake baking champion of Rocky Island

Stony Island – Parish of St Oswald

  • Father Seamus – most experienced priest
  • Father Dermot – the teetotal priest
  • Father Brian – the priest with a drink problem
  • Mrs O’Toole – housekeeper and cake baking champion of Stony Island

Pebbly Island – Parish of St Barbara

  • Father Francis – RIP
  • Sister Mary Agnes – the famous soprano nun
  • Sister Mary Beatrice – the nun with progressive views
  • Sister Mary Clarissa – the novice nun
  • Mr O’Reilly – gardener and champion whelk-breeder of Pebbly Island

The Archbishop’s entourage

  • Archbishop Corleone – an Italian. From Italy.
  • Father Fergus – the Vatican accountant
  • Sister Mary Teresa – the nun on tv

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